MWF Shows & Events


We host clinics with a variety of noteworthy trainers such as: Anne Dotoli, Diana Babington and Nancy Murphy. We have clinics throughout the year to bring in fresh perspectives with different teaching styles and experiences. Clinics are open to Maplewood riders as well as ship-ins. 
two riders posing on horseback with clinician

Rated Shows

Outdoor arena full of jumps

TBA . . . . . . . . Maplewood 1

TBA  . . . . . . . . Maplewood 2

                Warm-up:             7:00am

                Show Starts:         8:00am 


NEHC & MHC Rated “C”

September TBA . . . . . Medal Day

                Warm-up:             1:00pm

                Show Starts:         2:00pm

Halloween Show

Join us for our annual Halloween Bash! We host a rider and horse costume contest, sit a buck classes, and egg and spoon races. Riders are split into three different age groups. Do you have your costume planned yet?

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Black Background Package

Showcasing the beauty of your equine companion on a stylish, sleek, black background. 

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